Participant FAQ

Event Basics

What is Bicycle Night?

April 19—Bicycle Day—is a global celebration of psychedelic research and education in honor of the anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s first intentional use of LSD. For the past seven years, the Bicycle Day Parade through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and other celebrations have brought the psychedelic community together to commemorate this watershed moment in psychedelic history.

In the midst of a global pandemic, there has never been such an important moment to illuminate the healing potential of psychedelics, and to do it in a way that provides a rare outlet for connection and fun. This year brings an opportunity for a truly global commemoration of Bicycle Day in digital space.

To mark the occasion, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is hosting Bicycle Night—a live, experimental, immersive online experience where you’ll wander through a curated collection of livestream experiences and meet like-minded people along the way.

This year, in vastly different circumstances, the MAPS community will gather together in virtual spaces, seeking to utilize the technology available to us to celebrate this occasion by connecting in new ways.

What is MAPS?

Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.

What is the event schedule?

The event lasts from 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM (PDT). A variety of immersive experiences will be available for different amounts of times (ranging from 1-5 hours). During the event, you will be able to see the scheduled amount of time for each, labeled within the room. 

What are the private & public sections of the website?

MAPS is running two areas of the event at once:

  • Public-facing page at with livestreams (available to the general public)
  • Immersive section, hidden behind “Login” button at (limited to 3,000 ticket holders)

**Please Note: If you have donated in exchange for a ticket to Bicycle Night’s immersive experience portion, make sure you login via the website to reveal the whole experience.**


When does registration close?

Registration for the immersive experience closes at 5:00 PM (PDT)  on Sunday, April 19.

Registration for the free, public livestream will be available leading up to and throughout the duration of the event.

I didn’t receive an event receipt/confirmation by email, what should I do?

The email confirmation is likely in your spam/junk inbox. Please check your spam/junk folder to see if the email was redirected there. If you still aren’t able to find a confirmation, please email

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket by emailing with your registration receipt and the name and email of the person to whom you wish to transfer the ticket. Please note that login details will only grant one device access to the event.

How do I get a refund?

Refund requests will be accepted until 12:00 PM (noon) PT on APril 19th. If you would like a refund, please email with the full name and email you registered with. Please note that there is a 3% refund processing fee imposed by Stripe that cannot be returned.

Can I pay by PayPal or with cryptocurrency?

The payment processor for this event does not accept PayPal and cryptocurrencies. If you have further questions, send us an email: 

I can’t afford to donate, but I really would like to attend. Are there low-income options to purchase tickets?

Yes, all participants are welcome regardless of ability to pay, and low-income options are available. Please email to request a free or reduced price ticket.


How will I access the event?

Bicycle Night will unfold on the Bicycle Night website at To enter the event, visit and click “Login.” Then, enter your username and password (you should have created an account and received an email confirmation email when you registered for your ticket). After entering your login details, you will be entered into the main event page. 

What technology will I need for the event?

We recommend that you access the event from a desktop or laptop computer, if possible. The event will be accessible via mobile or tablet, but a computer is preferred for the full experience. 

A webcam is strongly encouraged for participation in experiences using a webcam feature. These experiences are categorized as “Guided Experiences” and  “Interactive Experiences”.

Please note that a Zoom account is required for access to most of the rooms inside the event (free version is A-OK). Some rooms will be broadcasting on Twitch, though these generally do not require you to login to Twitch to be able to view.

What browsers will I be able to access the event from?

Bicycle Night will be compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge web browsers. Bicycle Night is not compatible with Safari and Internet Explorer; please avoid these browsers when accessing the event.

What about cookies?

For the full experience, please enable cookies on your browser. Here’s the tutorial from Memberspace on how to enable cookies. For more detailed information about privacy, here's MAPS’ Privacy Policy.

What if the link to a room is malfunctioning?

Please report it to support staff via the Intercom chat box on the bottom right corner of the website.

Where can I ask questions or get help?

Support staff are available throughout the entire duration of the event via the Intercom chat box on the bottom right corner of the website.

Code of Engagement

What is the Code of Conduct and General Release Waiver?

You can view the Code of Conduct and General Release here

What is the Code of Engagement? 

To maintain a safe space for exploration and creation, Bicycle Night maintains a Code of Engagement:

  • Creativity Required: One is encouraged to have created an altered reality within their space, although it is not a requirement. This can look like anything from costumes and real-life decor, to visual overlay backgrounds, to face-changing avatars.
  • No Spectators: Video screens are requested to be on at all times. The point of this experience is to co-create the visual landscape, not be an anonymous tourist.
  • Ethical Speech: We hold a zero-tolerance policy on hate speech and bullying. Abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated and results in a removal from the event.
  • Privacy is Key: No screenshots, filming, or sharing links/passwords. This is critical to protect all participants and allow everyone to feel safe in their full expression.

What is the webcam policy?

You are encouraged to have your webcam on at all times while participating in experiences that use the webcam feature. The experiences using the webcam feature are categorized on the site as “Guided Experiences” and “Interactive Experiences”. It’s important for helping everyone feel like they’re on the same footing. No spectating allowed!

What is the photo / screenshot / recording policy?

Absolutely no photos, screenshots, or recording of any kind, out of respect for privacy of other participants.

Will the experiences be recorded so I can watch later?

No, the vast majority of experiences will not be recorded, as recording goes against our policy above. However, livestreams broadcast on Twitch are automatically saved and can be watched later.

Do I need to decorate myself?

At Bicycle Night, you and your space are part of the art. We recommend that your space and/or the humans are within it be decorated in some fashion that marks a departure from daily life. 

Lights, costumes, backgrounds — you choose how you show up. If you do not have any way to physically decorate your personal space, it’s easy to use a Zoom background. Tutorials for adding backgrounds are listed below.

How do I make a cool Zoom background?

Typically, we recommend Snap Cam.

However, Please Note: SnapCam does not currently work with Zoom Version 4.0 (broke with the new update on 4/15). We have reports that this is quickly being remedied, and hope this will be fixed prior to the event.

If you plan to use Snap Cam, please set this up prior to the event, as it requires an application download and settings change. Also please be aware that not every computer operating system supports Snap Cam; if that applies to you, please research an option that does work for you.

You can also use the Virtual Background feature on Zoom. 

We recommend testing your backgrounds prior to the day of the event.


What are ‘experiences’?

‘Experiences’ refers to communal spaces that are open to the public. Experiences can choose their own opening hours — some will be open for the duration of the event; others will only be open for an hour or two. The opening hours of each will be clearly marked on the website (though we can’t promise that hosts will follow their schedule precisely).

Experiences are under the purview of their creators, and are reflections of the artists. Bicycle Night (and the MAPS and Liminalia teams producing the event) do not control what happens inside experiences. The views and opinions expressed in the experiences are those of the artists and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of MAPS. 

We aim to set high community standards regarding the type of environment created in art rooms. Digital Rangers will be on deck in each room to support in the case of any questions or problems. That being said, enter experiences at your own risk (and reward!), as we cannot guarantee what will be occurring inside any experience at any point in time.

What are the different experience categories? 

Livestreams - A livestream is where participants can enjoy audio and video content, but cannot video interface with the Hosts. These experiences may include a chat functionality, but the interactivity will be limited. 

Guided Experience - A guided experience is where a host will lead participants through an activity (this takes the shape of movement, meditation, art, etc). These experiences will include chat and likely video, but may be limited at times in regards to audio. 

Interactive Experience - An interactive experience is where participants are a central component of the rooms experience. These experiences will include chat, video, and audio; participants in these spaces are encouraged to be direct players in the room's ongoing artistic creation.

How will I find and navigate between experiences?

All experiences will be listed on the website at Login to the website with the account you created, and then scroll horizontally through the website to discover all the different rooms.

Digital Rangers

What is a Digital Ranger? 

Digital Rangers function with equivalency to Rangers at Burning Man. Their primary function is to provide help for participants, enforce the codes of engagement, and specifically monitor for hate speech and bullying. While on shift, Digital Rangers will be stationed in each room across platforms with a distinct background marking them as a Digital Ranger. Digital Rangers will be made co-hosts of the room they are monitoring and have the ability to kick people out if they violate the Code of Engagement. 

How do I find a Digital Ranger?

Digital Rangers will be in every room, either with a distinct Digital Ranger background, or with their name title listing “RANGER [Insert Name]”. On Zoom, you can find their names on chat lists with “(co-host)” listed next to it.

If you wish to notify a Digital Ranger of a challenge, please find them on the participants list and send them a private message via the chat. Digital Rangers will aim to help you however possible, including offering guidance to the Zendo.

Zendo Project

What is the Zendo Project? 

The Zendo Project provides peer support services for those who desire emotional support. The Zendo will appear virtually as a specific “room” designated for calm, grounded connection and peer support.  It is staffed with peer support leads (room hosts) and peer support volunteers/sitters. Once you enter the main room you will be greeted and then immediately paired with a peer support sitter in a smaller breakout room. 

The Zendo Project is a program of MAPS. MAPS has been providing peer support services at events for over 20 years. To learn more about the Zendo Project visit: 

How do I find the Zendo Room?

Throughout the experience of the website, participants will have access to Peer Support regardless of where they scroll. The omnipresent button will be in the bottom left corner. Here is what it will look like:

Peer Support

Additionally, no matter which room you are in, there will be Digital Rangers on staff who can offer you directions to find the Zendoroom. They will be labeled with a distinct Digital Ranger background, or with their name title listing “RANGER [Insert Name]”. On Zoom, you can find their names on chat lists with “(co-host)” listed next to it.

Please note the Zendo Project has historically not provided peer support outside of the physical festivals and events we attend. Online events present a novel circumstance in which the Zendo Project is excited to extend its peer support services; however, a comprehensive set of concerns and limitations is not yet clear in this context. In alignment with the emerging nature of this event, the Zendo Project is offering its peer support services, limiting its scope of services in a way that is consistent with the event’s digital format.