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How do I interact with Bicycle Night experiences?

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You have stumbled upon a portal to wonder and delight.

Interactive Experiences

Interactivity Level: High
In these experiences, you will be encouraged to join in the fun and co-create the experience with your host. Get ready to engage.

Our researchers have A LOT of questions.

Question Everything

Experience Ended
Talk Show

Come contribute lyrical ideas for spontaneous song creation from Cello Joe and Toni Tone.

Interactive Song Creation with Cello Joe and Toni Tone

Experience Ended

A moment that transcends time and space.

Guided Experiences

Interactivity Level: Moderate
Let the host be your guide — here, you will be given the opportunity to follow along as a host leads you through an experience.

No limits to what is or what could be. You have arrived home.


Interactivity Level: Low
Do your own thing and enjoy top-notch programming. Want to dance? Jump into the Silent Disco Dance Floor while jamming to musical experiences.

Dreaming of a better future for all?

So are we.


All funds benefit MAPS & COVID-19 mutual aid networks.